We answer your questions

What kinds of persons can be accommodated in your settlement?

Myrtia can accommodate non-dependant persons seeking medical care, safety and the warmth of a familiar environment, as well as dependant persons with mental, motor or other problems requiring medical and nursing care.

What kinds of rooms do you offer?

We offer single, double and triple rooms, two-room apartments and quadruple rooms.

What services do you provide?

Medical follow-up and ongoing nursing care. Continuous care depending on the degree of each occupant’s ability to serve their needs.

Specialised programs for physiotherapy rehabilitation and psychosocial support / pleasant living.

What staff do you have?

Our unit is staffed by:

  • specialist scientists (internists, neurologists, cardiologists, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists)
  • trained professionals (nursing and support staff, chefs, security technicians)

What are the conditions for being admitted to Myrtia?

Doctors prepare a brief medical history, and then the administration and heads of the centre are at your disposal to discuss all details of the admission procedure and the related costs.

How are persons transferred to your premises if they have mobility problems?

If they can walk or use a wheelchair, our special vehicle can undertake to transport them.

What happens if they need to be taken to a hospital?

The doctor informs family members of the reasons for the transfer to a public or private hospital, and they are responsible for handling the procedure.

How are personal hygiene products procured?

Myrtia provides the personal hygiene products you need free of charge (sponges, shampoos, razor blades, etc.). You just pay the corresponding financial contribution for using any hygienic consumables (e.g. incontinence pads, underpads, drips, urinary catheters, LEVIN) you buy from us.

What should someone have with them upon admission to the settlement?

Their health booklet, identity card and medical records (previous medical examinations), basic items of clothing / footwear and any personal items they want, as our rooms are fully equipped with all amenities.

When can we visit Myrtia for a guided tour?

You can visit us whenever you wish, any day and time, to take a tour, check out our premises and see how life goes by at Myrtia or spend some beautiful moments with your family.

How can I reach Myrtia using public transport?

You can reach the settlement by the local bus service Νο 67 (IKEA - TRIADI / Gymnastirio stop).


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